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Singing Virtuosos, Vocal Acrobats and Masters of Imitation

The first September article in the Category „the amazing potential of our singing voice“ focus on the voice as instrument, producing sounds and singing without words. The vocal masters of imitation are inspired by sounds from their environment, they imitate other music instruments, noises or animals. Lay back and listen. Try to catch the details and special sound characteristics of these amazing singers.

All sounds in THIS recording are only made by the human voice, pure, without effects, techniqual support, manipulation or musical instruments. These are examples from Africa (1) and Mongolia (2, 3). In both the voice imitates a flute. The last example is vocal imitation of certain birds.

Also based on imitating an instrument: Raul Midon „Trumpet“ Soloimprovisation

Singing virtuosos and vocal acrobats are testing all limits and possibilities of their voices to move freely in the ocean of sounds. You find them all over the word, of course not only in Africa and Mongolia, but …

…. for example in switzerland: Stimmhorn

…. oder in the USA: Bobby McFerrin & Esperanza Spalding (follow link)

…  or in Turkey: Aziza Mustafa Zadeh „Bach-Zadeh“

Even those are showing only some of the amazing potential of the singing voice, it is supposed to encourage you to believe in the abilitys of yours. To express it in the way you intent to, you have to get to know your voice very well. This also means to use it in tune with all your preconditions – in order to make singing a pleasurable experience – and to have the courage going to unknown territory – to let your preconditions grow!

Maria Goeres

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