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1/ The amazing potential of our singing voice

Our voice provides a much wider range of sound and expressions, as we normally use. In other voice cultures I explored ways of singing that can be of great value for all voice techniques from Classic to Pop! During my Studies of Music at the University I made research about singing techniques inside and outside Europe. My curiosity brought me to far distant places and so it came that I not only practiced so called western (functional voice training, middendorf breathwork etc) but also indian, african, mongolian and other voice cultures. Always searching for new relevant insights that enrich western methods of vocalcoaching and motivated to overcome my own borders.

As I started to explore the essential aspects of traditional northindian singing, the borders towards general western methods started to vanish and I realized that it is possible to combine them. In my three years research I took lessons with a northindian singer who allowed me deep insights into the details of this surprisingly universal technique, which is normally kept by strict family traditions. After collecting as much knowledge as I could, I wrote a book in 2008 and started to integrate these unknown methods into my work as a vocalcoach.

The following months I dedicate my blog to the subject: The amazing potential of our singing voice!

We will explore the characteristics of singing techniques from different Genres and countrys all over the world. We will also have some insights into interesting and funny teaching methods for singers but always come back to those aspects, which are relevant and capable of being integrated into our way of singing. To be more precise, I am going to write about the audible and sensible structures of the voice and its tecniqual possibilities. I will refer to physiological, psychological, mental and musical-artistic aspects from time to time but will not totally put them into focus – not yet 😉

The main September subject is vocal register and ambitus.


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